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Retire Bizzi - Contents

To give you a better idea of what Retire Bizzi is all about, here's what's in it:

* Every business needs customers * What is your objective - income or future sale of the business? * Advice on the choice of a business name * Business Operations and the Age Pension * The need for good tax advice * Marketing and how to get free publicity * How to write a good advertisement * The essential home office equipment * Using the internet to buy and sell * The power of networking * Business awards - aim to be a winner * Franchising traps and opportunities * Outsourcing not employing * Intellectual property and protecting your rights * Cash flow and success

* Full of great, real life stories or profitable hobbies and small businesses for the over 50's…including… * Anna's Story..a Bed & Breakfast operator, * Starting an art and craft co-operative…Mansfield and Margaret River, * Jim and becoming a management consultant * Roger and..importing second hand collectible cars * Keith…the Freelance Writer and Editor * Rodney's Story…driving a taxi part-time * Annie and Minding Other People's Pets * Barbara and Propagating and Selling Your Favourite Plants * A Newsletter Columnist…Maria's Story * Establishing A Small Vineyard…Jerry's Story * Allan's Locum Management Service

Retire Bizzi - Key Messages

  • Choose the hobby or business that is right for you
  • Plan for a more rewarding, comfortable and prosperous retirement
  • Make sure you know what you are doing before you try it
  • Never put at risk your retirement income from investments
  • Use your accumulated knowledge and experience to your advantage
  • Learn where to go for more information
  • Be inspired and challenged by fellow Australians

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